Food Bank

At the Hoxie United Methodist Church we offer supplimental groceries to anyone in need.  If you are in need a little help with food or household items (shampoo, soap, toilet paper, etc) please contact us at 785-675-3565.  We will arrange a time when someone can meet you up at the church to get you what you need!  

We also accept donations.  You are welcome to leave any non-parishable items in the kitchen or fellowship hall with a note to let us know they are for the Food Bank or you can call us and we can meet you at the church.  If you have frozen foods to donate please call ahead of time so we can meet you there!  Monitary donations are also welcome and can be made at the church or through this website on the "Worship in Giving" page.

We are happy to help anyone in need and to accept any donations you would like to make!